A Management Committee was established in March 2015 to lead the process. By a mandate of that Committee and the persons in charge (Mayor’s Office), an Editing Team defined and drafted the contents of the candidature. An Advisory Council suggested lines of action and granted approval for the project. All political parties unanimously supported the presentation of the candidature in a plenary meeting of the Town Council.
The Editing Team was comprised of technicians of the City Council, gastronomes, farmers and fishermen, and representatives of universities and education centres, cultural foundations and civil society associations, the gastronomy sector and the regional public administration. A series of interviews, meetings and panels of experts were held to plan the future of Dénia as a creative city of gastronomy.
Months of intense work resulted in an Action Plan identifying needs, analysing problems and opportunities, and proposing viable solutions within the framework of sustainable urban development. A roadmap and detailed plan for the city to address the goals that UNESCO proposes.